A Personal Study Of How Making May Be Able To Help Me Begin To Overcome Some Parts Of My Trauma

        Over the last few months I have been investigating how (and if) the process of making can assist in understanding and overcoming my own personal trauma.
        I began by (somewhat) painfully recounting my traumatic experience. I spent time recalling not only what happened, but more importantly how it made me feel then and now.
        I chose eight key words (anxiety, pain, freeze, sleep, triggers, people, memory, and addiction) to reflect on. I wrote about these topics aimlessly, letting my mind wander and making sure to hold nothing back. 
        After reliving and rethinking my experience in this way, I turned these stories into messy, colorful, and strange “graphic illustrations” (quotations because I do not know what to call them). While each “graphic illustration” does not represent my experience perfectly (that would be impossible), they do stand as a representation of it - and that makes me proud.
        The illustrations, and this website, serve as a reminder to other people out there in the void struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression (or any other challenge) that they are not alone, and that their adversity can be overcome.

- Will