door creaks now. open window. time to relax, think. i don’t like freezing. its uncomfortable and scary, in a way. when i was seventeen or eighteen i froze. out of nowhere, i was afraid, paranoid, distracted, in fear, out of control. people were plotting against me. there was no one i could trust, (not even myself lol). what a time to be alive.
        you can’t run from drugs. you cant fight drugs. at least not when they’re already in your system. so in that time and space, i actually made the right choice. fighting or fleeing would have only made things worse. [redacted]? its because now, when i’m overwhelmed, i freeze. how to deal with stress? i don't do it well. i don't like freezing. i feel powerless, but that objectively isn’t true. we all have at least some amount of power.

- Will

    note: don’t do drugs, kids. well, don’t do them when you’re unprepared, in strange surroudings, and with unfamiliar people. it’s not worth it. bad trips are really, really bad. at least for me.